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News from the industry

Customs duties eliminated on certain manufacturing inputs. Included products are a result of specific industry requests for duty relief

The CFIA is consulting on an import revitalization project. The project will help adapt import programs to respond to changing industry requirements

Temporary closure of Bloomfield, New Brunswick land border crossing. The closure is due to low traffic volumes linked to the COVID-19 pandemic

OECD's indicators growing at a steady pace in most major economies. Indicators for Canada, the United States and Japan continue to expand at a steady pace

Goods manufactured or produced wholly or in part by prison labour. Memorandum D9-1-6 has been updated to include information on Canada's import prohibition on goods mined, manufactured or produced wholly or in part by forced labour as established by the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement Implementation Act

Carbon and alloy steel line pipe exported from the Republic of Korea to Canada by Husteel Co., Ltd. Notice of close of record and updated schedule - normal value and export price review

CFIA issues new certificates for export food to United Kingdom. The certificates are similar to those of the European Union (EU). The new certificates now refer to Great Britain (GB) including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man

Textiles and Clothing Free Trade Agreements Tariff Preference Level Utilization 2021 Imports - Utilization levels have been updated to May 10, 2021

Textiles and Clothing - CUSMA Tariff Preference Level Utilization 2021 Exports - Utilization levels have been updated to May 10, 2021

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