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News from the industry

Canada's merchandise trade surplus rises to $1.9 billion in April. Statistics Canada announced that exports increased 2.5% in April, while imports edged down 0.2%

WTO goods barometer points to a possible global trade turnaround. Mixed signals nevertheless suggest that the road to trade recovery may be bumpy

Customs administrative penalties can be assessed for several reasons. Non-compliance with requirements may result in being assessed a monetary penalty under AMPS

Certain carbon steel fasteners from China and Chinese Taipei. Notice of initiation of scope proceeding

Little Gold Creek Yukon port of entry open for the summer season. Seasonal hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), seven days a week

Fish and seafood export to the European Union (EU): Updated Requirements. The CFIA has updated the EU Fish and Seafood Export Requirements Library webpage in response to clarification provided by the EU on the application of its Animal Health Requirements

Canada-US softwood lumber monthly exports report - May 2023 - Global Affairs Canada

CETA origin quota utilization tables 2023. The Utilization levels for certain items have been updated to 2023-06-05

Textiles and Clothing - CUSMA Weekly Stats - Export/Import - Preference Level Utilization - Utilization levels have been updated to 2023-06-05

U.S. CBP aligns Hours of Operations at the East Richford Port of Entry. U.S. Custom  will be reducing the hours of operations for the East Richford, Vermont Port of Entry to align with the Glen Sutton Canada Border Services Agency operating hours

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